Mousses de l'Estrie is a producer and distributor of mulch, chips and horticultural fibers of cedar, pine and hemlock.

Concerning Mousses de l'Estrie

Established in 1998, Les Mousses de l 'Estrie has gained a prominent place in the Canadian and American horticultural industry. Mousses de l'Estrie is a leading proactive company in the production and distribution of high quality mulch and customizes its service to customers needs. It improves practices in the field of horticulture and its range of products 100% natural and approved to environmental standards are proof of this.

Because it cares about the environment and the resources it contains, all its products are made from raw material from the Canadian wood industry. In this way, we participate in the recovery and the valorisation of the materials. It also uses, for the coloring of his mulch, ecological products.

The marketing of its Mulchex mulch brand offers a complete range of specialized mulches for decoration, vegetable gardens, trails and playgrounds. Les Mousses de L’Estrie guaranteed quality.

We offer specialized and high quality mulch.
We care about our customers.
A personalized service for wholesalers in the field of horticulture.


Mousses de l'Estrie is known for its

  • Consistency in the quality of its products
  • Its concern for the protection of the environment
  • Personalized service
  • Its valorization of the development of its employees

Our company in brief:

  • Aims to improve the cultivation methods and the careful and adequate exploitation of an important resource: water
  • Diversified clientele: Wholesaler in the field of horticulture, cities, municipalities, botanical gardens, horticulture professionals, etc.

Our mulch:

  • Enhances the appearance of landscaping
  • Prevents and controls weed growth
  • Reduces watering frequency by slowing evaporation of soil water
  • Multiple use: landscaping, at the base of trees or hedges, in the kitchen garden